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Forget Critical Race Theory in the Classroom. Kids Are Learning About Race on TikTok.


Quoted: “If you look at the language of some of these bills, they’re really pretty broad,” says Diana Hess, dean of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s school of education. “There’s a lot of things that are in the language that would make it really hard to teach civic education.”

Reports Of Students Cheating Increased Substantially At Some UW Universities During Pivot To Online Learning

Wisconsin Public Radio

COVID-19 was the major driver of the increase, said Tonya Schmidt, UW-Madison’s assistant dean and director of the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. “I absolutely attribute this to the stress and pressure that was put on our students to pivot to a remote environment and try and learn,” said Schmidt. “It was very difficult for students this semester.”

Gov. Tony Evers Calls Special Session On Increasing School Spending

Wisconsin Public Radio

Noted: The governor said the session would be an opportunity to make investments in education he believes should have been included in the budget. GOP lawmakers approved an education spending plan that was roughly $750 million less than the governor originally requested for K-12 schools. For the University of Wisconsin System, the GOP-backed budget included an increase of just $8 million over two years, a fraction of the $191 million proposed by the governor.

More Universities Offer Vaccination Incentives. Will They Work?


Noted: On Sunday, University of Wisconsin (UW) System President Tommy Thompson announced a new program that provides an opportunity for UW students who are vaccinated against Covid-19 to win a $7,000 scholarship.

Under the “70 for 70” campaign, vaccinated students who attend UW campuses that achieve at least a 70% vaccination rate will be eligible to win one of 70 scholarships valued at $7,000 each. Students at all UW System universities except UW-Madison are eligible for the drawing. UW-Madison is reportedly developing its own vaccination incentive program.

Reports Of Students Cheating Increased Substantially At Some UW Universities During Pivot To Online Learning

Wisconsin Public Radio

Reports of cheating and other forms of academic misconduct increased substantially at six of the University of Wisconsin System’s 13 universities when classes were moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Administrators say increased student stress was a major contributor, and they expect misconduct reports to decrease once more classes are taught in person.

UW System Will Offer Scholarship Drawing For Students Who Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Wisconsin Public Radio

The University of Wisconsin System plans to offer about $500,000 in financial incentives aimed at encouraging students to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The campaign features a lottery in which a total of 70 students will each receive a $7,000 scholarship if 70 percent of a campus’ student body reports being vaccinated.

UW-Madison is not participating.

Frustrating College Access and Enrollment Barriers: Websites and Application Processes

The Good Men Project

Noted: While some higher education institutions like the University of Wisconsin-Madison and The Johns Hopkins University feature sophisticated and user-friendly websites, and their leaders have instituted efficient, unencumbered application processes, college applicants may encounter inept websites and application processes when applying at many other institutions.

UW System announces a lottery with $490,000 in scholarships to encourage vaccination

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

As an incentive for students across the UW System to get vaccinated, interim President Tommy Thompson on Sunday announced a lottery giving out nearly a half-million dollars in scholarships.

Under the plan, vaccinated students at all University of Wisconsin campuses except UW-Madison will be entered into a lottery for one of 70 one-time, $7,000 scholarships.

From kindergarten to college, schools are trying to return to some sense of normalcy. But they’re not there yet.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Schools across the state — whether they serve kindergartners or college students — continue to adjust plans for the fall based on the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation. The general idea is to bring as many students back in person as possible — the so-called return to normalcy — while not endangering students, teachers or their families.

Badgers Football Players Begin Profiting From Name, Image, Likeness Following NCAA Rule Change

Wisconsin Public Radio

Less than a month after the NCAA ruled college athletes can profit from their names, image and likeness some Badgers Football players have begun to reap the benefits.

On July 1, the NCAA adopted a temporary policy to suspend rules that banned college athletes from getting paid for the use of their names, images and likeness. It was a significant shift but a small part of a larger debate over whether students should be paid to compete in college sporting events.

Tom Still: Wisconsin must step up to compete for federal R&D dollars

Wisconsin State Journal

States around the country are gearing up for projects that could pair engineering schools and industry, but the dean of UW-Madison’s College of Engineering warned this week the state will be at a disadvantage unless there’s more investment in infrastructure needed to compete. “If we don’t act soon, we’re going to lose out,” said Ian Robertson, dean of Madison’s 4,500-student engineering college. “Others are going to get ahead of us. They’re all gearing up to go after the Endless Frontier money. It’s that simple.”

Wisconsin educators help design ‘Shipwrecks!’ game

PBS Wisconsin

During the 2020-21 academic year, 14 Wisconsin third through fifth grade teachers took part in the Shipwrecks! Game Design Fellowship with PBS Wisconsin Education and Field Day Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Throughout the winter, these educators met with teachers, game designers, researchers and maritime archaeologists to co-design a video game that investigates shipwrecks in the Great Lakes using the practices of maritime archaeologists.

Pencils down: The year pre-college tests went away

Knowable Magazine

Noted: When poor, Black or brown students score lower, it’s not exactly the tests’ fault, says Eric Grodsky, a sociologist at the University of Wisconsin–Madison who analyzed the links between standardized testing and socioeconomic status in the Annual Review of Sociology. That’s because scores reflect disparities in students’ lives before testing. Wealthy students, for example, might have benefited from parents who had more time to read to them as toddlers, all the way through to being able to afford to take both tests, multiple times, to obtain the best score.

Thus, the disparities reflected in test scores result not from a failure of the tests so much as a failure to create a just educational system, Grodsky says. “We don’t do a good job of serving all our kids.” And if test scores determine one’s future opportunities, using them can perpetuate those inequities.

Season 4 premiere: Critical race theory and a ‘woke’ military

Stars and Stripes

In the Season 4 premiere episode of Military Matters, host Rod Rodriguez discusses “wokeness” and critical race theory in the military with guests, Brian “BK” Kimber, Air Force veteran and host of the weekly podcast, “World News with BK,” and John Witte, professor emeritus from University of Wisconsin, Madison, in the departments of political science and the Robert La Follette School of Public Affairs.

Wisconsin schools may require masks for vaccinated despite CDC change

milwaukee journal sentinel

The University of Wisconsin System, for example, won’t require proof of vaccination on its 26 campuses this fall, and with the lifting of state and local mask mandates, many campuses have said they don’t have the grounds to impose one of their own. That leaves campuses such as UW-Madison, which has upward of 60,000 on campus when the school year is in full swing, saying they have an “expectation” that unvaccinated people wear masks — one that will likely be difficult to systematically enforce.

UW System awards $1 million in scholarships to 267 students


Nearly 270 University of Wisconsin System students will share $1 million in scholarships under the new Wisconsin Regents Opportunity Scholarship program. Each of the UW System’s 13 universities received an equal allocation of $77,000. Universities then determine the number and size of each scholarship and nominated students for eligibility, which the UW System certified.

College Players May Make Money Off Their Fame, Powerful N.C.A.A. Panel Recommends

New York Times

Noted: Some athletes have already begun making plans to cash in on their renown. Jordan Bohannon, a men’s basketball player at the University of Iowa, has announced plans for an apparel line that will debut on Thursday, and the University of Wisconsin’s starting quarterback, Graham Mertz, posted a video with a personal logo.

Wisconsin Assembly approves state budget, Senate up next

Wisconsin State Journal

The centerpiece of the two-year budget is a GOP-authored plan to cut $3.3 billion in income and property taxes, made possible largely by the state’s unprecedented $4.4 billion surplus. The budget also would end an eight-year freeze on University of Wisconsin System tuition and hold K-12 funding largely flat. All in all, the budget would spend about $4 billion less than Evers proposed.