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Attempt to trademark logo lands Weyauwega-Fremont in hot water with UW-Madison

FOX 11

After changing the high school’s nickname from “Indians” to “Warhawks,” the Weyauwega-Fremont School District is now also looking for a new logo for the district.

The school district was in the process of trademarking its “WF” logo when it was contacted by the University of Wisconsin, which objected because it’s too similar to the Badgers’ “Motion W” logo, according to district administrator Phillip Tubbs.

UW spokesman John Lucas said the school does not proactively monitor school districts. But because Weyauwega-Fremont attempted to register its logo as a trademark, the university was notified and deemed it necessary to act to protect its trademark.

Branch campuses need time to work — Mary Hoeft

Wisconsin State Journal

Letter to the editor: University of Wisconsin System President Tommy Thompson has an idea for Wisconsin’s outstanding two-year universities. He’s wondering if they should be combined with the state’s technical school system. As a professor at one of UW System’s two-year campus for 49 years, I would like to answer President Thompson’s question with a resounding “no.”

Tech colleges may help UW campuses — John Poole

Wisconsin State Journal

Letter to the editor: The campuses have been severely underutilized for the past several years, ever since the concept of regionalization was implemented. Many thought returning to our roots (Richland started as a branch of Platteville) would be the saving grace for the campus, but that hasn’t proven to be the case.

Thompson wants 75% of fall UW classes in-person


Students at UW-Madison have to prove they’re COVID-negative before entering buildings and must get tested every three days. University officials even wrote to students this week, in part, “If you miss multiple tests, or if there is a pattern of missing tests, sanctions could be applied.”

UW System plans at least 75% in-person classes next fall, back to pre-pandemic levels

Capital Times

Thompson announced the plan to chancellors this week and said that they were all “very supportive” of the new goal. Given that about 20% of courses were taught virtually even prior to the pandemic, Thompson said this goal will bring System schools back to previous levels of in-person education while maintaining the benefits of online courses.

Journal Times editorial: UW System initiative a pipeline for the future

The Journal Times

It’s a challenging time for colleges and universities, and for the students who want to attend those institutions to prepare for life in a rapidly changing world.

“Especially now, with COVID, we are seeing that (high school) seniors especially are having a difficult time getting prepared for college,” UW-System President Tommy Thompson said at a Feb. 3 press conference announcing plans for a new precollege pipeline initiative.

University Merger Talks On The Rise


Noted: Also last week, Tommy Thompson, the interim president of the University of Wisconsin (UW) system, floated the idea that the University’s 13 branch campuses be consolidated with the 16 technical schools in the Wisconsin Technical College System.

In 2018, the UW System went through a restructuring proposal that aligned 13 two-year UW Colleges campuses with its comprehensive universities. These schools are now called branch campuses. They offer two-year degrees aimed largely at students who may eventually want to transfer to a four-year university to earn a degree.

What’s the Best Business School? For This Year’s M.B.A. Rankings, It’s Not Who You Think.

The Wall Street Journal

Noted: The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s business school jumped 27 spots this year to No. 19 in the Economist’s ranking, which could put the program on the radar of prospective students, said Assistant Dean Blair Sanford.

“To be top 20 in a respected ranking, that has some extra clout for us,” she said.

UW System looking at consolidation between UW branch campuses, technical colleges

Wisconsin State Journal

“Tommy’s perfect for this job,” he said. “He’s an interim so he’s got nothing to lose. But he also doesn’t see himself as a caretaker there to keep the plants watered. He’s got the prestige and political ability to make changes. He’ll make decisions for the good of the System that a new president may be unwilling to do.”

Paul Jadin: UW, broadband, inclusion are key to Madison region’s success

Wisconsin State Journal

First, education is king. Don’t ever allow UW-Madison to be anything but a premier, world-class institution. State and private dollars invested now will be leveraged considerably by virtue of the fact that most of the federal investment will go to expanded research at universities such as UW.

John Miller appointed to UW Board of Regents

Daily Cardinal

Miller attended the University of Wisconsin Law School and graduated with his degree in 2006. He previously worked as a congressional staffer for Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District and became president and CEO of his family’s company, Miller-St. Nazianz, Inc. in 2008.

Facing ‘financial disaster’ from COVID-19, UW System pushes for borrowing ability

Wisconsin State Journal

COVID-19 has caused the “biggest financial disaster” the university has ever seen, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank said. Through federal stimulus money, furloughs, pay cuts for leadership, travel restrictions and targeted budget cuts to different units, Blank said she’s optimistic the financial gap can be resolved over the next two years. But she also renewed her case for giving the university borrowing authority.

Five UW System schools to put higher education counselors into targeted high schools to help guide students to college

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

In a novel initiative to address a series of challenges on Wisconsin campuses — projections of declining enrollment, recruiting and supporting students of color and the damage of COVID-19 — five universities are putting counselors in targeted high schools to help guide students to higher education.

‘They have the skills and are ready to go’: College health care students step up to help massive COVID-19 vaccine effort.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Quoted: “Think about it — our hospitals and clinics are near capacity because we have a heavy caseload of COVID right now,” said Mary Hayney, a pharmacy professor at UW-Madison.

“We need to find other people to … administer vaccines to the public. So students are a resource that can be tapped to do that because they have the skills and are ready to go,” she said.

UW System to offer tuition credit to students who work at vaccination sites


“UW nursing and pharmacy students are needed on the front lines of vaccination activities throughout Wisconsin,” Thompson said in a news release. “This $500 tuition credit will assist our students in serving in clinical, campus, Tribal, and other community settings. UW nursing and pharmacy students exemplify the new Wisconsin Idea – where there’s a challenge, the UW System is part of the solution.”

A Different Kind of Student Feedback

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Noted: Lewis, an assistant professor of mathematics at George Washington University, decided to hire Rai before he had any idea that the pandemic would push the course online. He had gotten the idea from Harry Brighouse, a philosophy professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison who has written about having a student worker critique his teaching. The move online meant Lewis’s discussions with Rai covered different ground than the professor had initially imagined — he thought they’d talk more about issues like how much class time he should spend on particular topics. But it ended up being an especially good semester in which to have a thoughtful observer.

Pressure grows on Biden for more ambitious student loan forgiveness


Noted: Annika Kersten Wellman, a senior studying nursing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, says she believes that the administration should at least go for a middle ground of $30,000 in federal loan forgiveness per borrower. That amount would be closer to the national average of student debt and “will help correct the inequity that is student loan debt,” she said.

Wellman, who said she was lucky that she didn’t have to take out loans for her education, supports student loan forgiveness as a way to address the disproportionate burden of education debt on people of color, something that Warren and Schumer have emphasized in their support of student loan forgiveness.

Assembly Republicans to take up resolution that would make Wisconsin one of few states without face mask mandate

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“President Thompson is and has been focused on strategies to combat COVID-19 on UW System campuses given their inherent congregate settings,” Mark Pitsch, spokesman for the UW System, said. “He has championed a culture of responsibility that includes wearing a mask, social distancing, hand washing and a robust testing strategy.”