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Sticking to Aldo Leopold’s ethics as his shack and surrounding land undergoes transformation

Wisconsin State Journal

The Leopold Shack journals, housed at Steenbock Memorial Library at UW-Madison, will be digitized so they can be shared virtually around the world. The digital work will also include virtual tours of the Shack, redesigning self-guided, in-person tours of the Shack and holding more “Shack-focused events.” The efforts will bring more people to the Shack either through the foundation’s website or in-person.

Rep. Sean Casten defeats AOC ally Rep. Marie Newman in Illinois Democratic congressional primary

Fox News

Newman, a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison who has offered support for a $15 minimum wage and the Green New Deal, has disputed certain aspects of the allegations and the House Ethics Committee investigated the alleged scandal. In a unanimous vote, the Office of Congressional Ethics signaled there was reason to believe Newman had made the employment promise.

Medical College of Wisconsin receives $50 million Kern Family Foundation gift to ‘transform medical education’

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Noted: The Kern Institute collaborates and shares ideas on new approaches to medical education with a number of other schools through what’s called the Kern National Network.

The other founding members of the network are the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine, University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, and Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

We lost a great man and colleague in Wayne Strong

Wisconsin State Journal

He never gave up trying to improve public education, particularly for disadvantaged and struggling children. He served on school panels. He was involved in his neighborhood, at his church and on the UW-Madison campus. He was part of the state racial disparities task force that led to historic police reforms in Wisconsin. He connected our news organization to sources we didn’t have before.

What the U.S. can do to mitigate global air pollution

Washington Post

Noted: The June 16 news article “Study: Air pollution reduces global life expectancy by more than two years” made the startling point that breathing dirty air has more of an impact on global life span than alcohol, cigarettes, terrorism or conflict. Think this is just a problem for the more crowded and less-developed parts of the world? A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin at Madison showed that eliminating air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels would prevent 50,000 premature deaths and provide more than $600 billion in health benefits each year in the United States.

Zola Jesus finds purpose in the process

National Public Radio

Noted: She started producing music, drawing equally from her childhood opera training and love of noise, while in college at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her debut, The Spoils, was released by Sacred Bones in 2009, when she was still a student, after which she moved to Los Angeles. After time in the Northwest and the Northeast, and four more albums later, she moved into a house she built with her two uncles, a contractor and an electrical engineer, on the land where she grew up.

3 Steps Communities Can Take to Become More Climate-Resilient

Business Insider

Cities can conduct a climate assessment internally or partner with a local college, university, nonprofit, or disclosure organization, like CDP, for analyses and planning help. Price said Madison is working with researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to map the city’s urban heat island effect and help the city develop a plan to minimize these effects in an equitable way and promote community health and well-being.

‘The School That Escaped the Nazis’ Review: Field Trip to Freedom

Wall Street Journal

Born in Ulm, Germany, Essinger was the oldest of nine children. At the age of 20, she accepted an aunt’s invitation to join her in America and eventually enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, where she received her master’s degree in education. During her stay in America, she became so drawn to the humanitarian values of the Quakers that at the conclusion of World War I she joined a Quaker relief mission and returned to Germany as a liaison officer in charge of organizing hundreds of school kitchens to feed hungry children.

Voters don’t go to the polls for another 10 months, but the race for a pivotal Wisconsin Supreme Court seat in 2023 is already on

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Noted: Mitchell, who lives in Windsor, is the presiding judge of the juvenile division in Dane County and oversees cases within the county’s high-risk drug court program. He is a former prosecutor for the county and was the director of community relations at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before first being elected judge in 2016.

Menomonee Falls Schools Superintendent Corey Golla named principal at Wauwatosa West High School

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Noted: Golla earned two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, one in political science and the other in history. He also earned a master’s degree in educational leadership from Marian University. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership and policy analysis at UW-Madison.

Classmate Rallied Behind for Revealing Salary to Bragging Ph.D. Candidate


Though efforts to unionize graduate student employees have increased greatly in the last decade, the efforts first started in the late 1960s, with Rutgers University and City University of New York being the first to see unionized teaching assistants. The University of Wisconsin-Madison was the first school to have its own Teaching Assistant Union win a contract.

Real Estate’s Hidden Gem: Is It Time To Invest In This Up-And-Coming City?


Madison, Wisconsin: Madison fits the profile of many of the other top cities. This highly educated city is one of only two U.S. cities built on an isthmus, surrounded by four lakes. Its location provides plenty of outdoor recreation for its citizens and attracts plenty of visitors, as evidenced by the $1 billion tourist economy. Unemployment is low, as is the cost of living. The city is home to both the state capitol and the University of Wisconsin.

Esther Lederberg changed our understanding of how bacteria breed

Popular Science

A year later, at a post-war symposium at Cold Spring Harbor, which focused on heredity and variation in microorganisms, she met Joshua Lederberg. The pair married on December 13, 1946. To celebrate, the newlyweds attended a lecture on the mutagenic effects of nitrogen mustards—toxic chemicals designed for warfare, some of which were also tested as cancer treatments. Eventually, they settled down together at the University of Wisconsin (now the University of Wisconsin-Madison) where they both focused on bacterial genetics.

NFL lineman Kevin Zeitler’s donation to his alma mater, Wisconsin Lutheran, helps pave the way for a new athletic complex

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Long before Kevin Zeitler played at the University of Wisconsin and went to a long career in the National Football League, he learned the game during practices on rough grass fields that sat under electric lines just south of Wisconsin Lutheran High School.

Those fields are part of the massive upgrades the school broke ground for Friday morning. The project is scheduled to be complete at the end of August, Lutheran athletic director Jeff Sitz said.

Bringing CPAC to Hungary betrays the origins of the conservative movement

The Washington Post

Elsewhere, anti-communist students at the University of Wisconsin sponsored lectures on the Hungarian Revolution and hosted film showings of “Animal Farm” (1954) as a warning to students about life under Stalinism. Students from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) welcomed nationalist orchestrators of the Hungarian rebellion to speak to American college audiences. Others signed petitions calling for the United Nations to impose economic sanctions against the Soviet Union.

The Presidential Exit Interview

Chronicle of Higher Education

Carolyn A. (Biddy) Martin has had what seems like two very different careers as a college leader. From 2008 to 2011, Martin was chancellor of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, a flagship, public research university that enrolled about 42,000 students at the time and is a member of the Big Ten athletic conference.

It’s impossible to determine your personal COVID-19 risks and frustrating to try – but you can still take action

The Conversation

Constantly assessing and reassessing risks has given many people decision fatigue. I feel that too. But you don’t need to recalibrate risks of everything, every day, for every variant, because the strategies to reduce risk remain the same. Reducing risk – even if it’s just a little bit – is better than doing nothing. (By Malia Jones)

UW-Madison grads want to make it easier to get an internship

The Capital Times

In spring of 2020, as restaurants switched to curbside pickup and schools switched to virtual lessons, many companies wrote to the college students they’d hired for summer internships or co-ops to say there’d be no virtual version. The professional experience they were counting on to launch their careers was canceled.

Tony Evers’ Health Equity Council recommendations draw Republican ire

Wisconsin State Journal

“These proposals, if enacted, will have significant positive effects on our ability as a state to combat historic and pervasive health disparities across race, economic status, education, geographic location and history of incarceration,” according to a statement by council chair Gina Green-Harris, who directs the Center for Community Engagement and Health Partnerships at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

Conservationists and a private buyer are both seeking a pristine slice of Lake Michigan land. What to know about the Cedar Gorge Clay Bluffs

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Noted: So far, the buyer has only said they are a resident of the state and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in a letter shared by Rep. Rob Brooks, R-Saukville. The buyer also shared in the letter their “very real appreciation for nature, the environment, and the need to protect it over time.”

The Rise and Fall of Chop Suey

The Takeout

In 1922, a white American University of Wisconsin graduate started the La Choy company with a Korean-American business partner to cash in on the demand for “Asian” ingredients. In 1925, Louis Armstrong released the song “Cornet Chop Suey.” Restaurants across the country started popping up to sell chop suey and advertised the dish with large, decorative signs with English lettering whose strokes mimicked those of Chinese characters (this font would even later become known as “chop suey”). It seemed like chop suey couldn’t fail. So what happened?

Daniel Krauthammer congratulates recipients of Krauthammer Memorial Scholarship: ‘He would be very proud’

Fox News

Emmett Gaffney is an honors student-athlete at Oratory Preparatory School in Summit, New Jersey, and is slated to attend the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in the fall to study history. Grace LeCroy is a senior at Southern High School in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. She intends to major in psychology this fall in the honors program at Florida State University.

UW group wins it all in NYC ‘Pitch Perfect’ competition

Wisconsin State Journal

They figured they’d go to New York City and just enjoy the experience: Central Park. The Empire State Building. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. But the UW-Madison singing group Pitches and Notes also capped off their Big Apple trip last month with an unexpected souvenir: The first-place trophy from the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.

A Turning Point for Prison Education

Chronicle of Higher Ed

Three colleges that The Chronicle spoke with are in varying stages of adding technology to their prison-ed programs. The University of Central Florida ended its partnership last year with a controversial prison communications provider owned by Aventiv Technologies and plans to incorporate synchronous Zoom classes to reach more students. Washington University in St. Louis is about to pilot a learning-management system, or LMS, that two formerly incarcerated students helped develop. Another, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, is tapping an existing open-source LMS that mimics Canvas, though its partner, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, intends to enter into contract with the ed-tech vendor Blackboard.

America is exterminating its wolves. When will this stop?

The Guardian

Autumn 1909. A few months out of Yale Forest School, 22-year-old Aldo Leopold sits eating his lunch on a rimrock in Apache National Forest, Arizona Territory, when he and a fellow Forest Service employee spot an animal far below, crossing a river. A deer? No – not a deer. When the animal reaches the riverbank and shakes itself dry, several pups bound out from golden willows to greet her, their tails high.

Wisconsin abortion ban might lead to Illinois border clinic, ‘clandestine’ action, provider says

Wisconsin State Journal

Wisconsin’s 1849 law also could make it difficult for UW School of Medicine and Public Health gynecology residents to get abortion training as they do now at Planned Parenthood in Madison, Laube said. UW might need to send residents to the Chicago area for such training, he said. UW Health spokesperson Emily Kumlien said the medical school will “work to ensure continuity of the robust training opportunities we provide.”

Childhood trauma often heralds incarceration. Now, we’re giving the worst cases a fresh look.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Noted: In 2019, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office partnered with the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee — one of the oldest public-interest law firms in the nation — for a project called the Public Interest Justice Initiative. They reviewed the cases of 50 people sentenced to life in prison for crimes committed when they were children to determine eligibility for early release and parole.

The initiative was launched after the Remington Center at the University of Wisconsin Law School found that more than half the 128 inmates serving life sentences for juvenile offenses were from Milwaukee County. The idea is to see if adjustments should be made, said District Attorney John Chisholm.

Franklin Public Schools to choose from three finalists for its superintendent position

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Noted: Golla is superintendent for the Menomonee Falls School District. Previously, he was the district’s director of curriculum and learning and principal of Menomonee Falls High School. Golla holds a master’s degree in educational leadership from Marian University and is pursuing a doctorate through the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the document said.