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Wisconsin DNR working on wolf hunt and management plans

Spectrum News

Noted: A recent study from UW-Madison showed that about an additional 100 wolves had been killed during the hunt last winter on top of the 218 killed by hunters and trappers.
“Researchers estimate that a majority of these additional, uncounted deaths are due to something called cryptic poaching, where poachers hide evidence of illegal killings,” a university release about the study said.

Proposal For Vel Phillips Statue On Wisconsin Capitol Grounds Receives Preliminary Approval

Wisconsin Public Radio

The Wisconsin Capitol grounds are one step closer to featuring a statue of longtime Wisconsin civil rights advocate Vel Phillips after a subcommittee voted on a preliminary proposal Tuesday.

Phillips was a political trailblazer throughout her life, achieving many firsts, from being the first Black woman to graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School to becoming the first woman and Black person elected to statewide office when she won a race for Secretary of State in 1978. She died in 2018 at age 94.

Q&A: Jazz musician Johannes Wallmann pays tribute to a creature he’s never met

The Capital Times

Johannes Wallmann got the recording of his new jazz album “Elegy For An Undiscovered Species” in just under the wire. The director of jazz studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison brought 14 musicians, including a string section, together in the Hamel Music Center for a week in late February 2020 to record the tracks for the album. Two weeks later, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down everything.

A Wisconsin law grad says she disclosed a past arrest. The bar says it wasn’t the whole truth, which includes 114 pounds of marijuana.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Gatekeepers of Wisconsin’s legal profession say it was her cover-up, not her crime, that makes Abby Padlock unfit for admission to practice law.

But Padlock, a 2019 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, denies she covered up her 2015 arrest for transporting marijuana. She disclosed it — albeit not with all the details — on her application to law school and to the Board of Bar Examiners.

Amidst Door County’s rich tourism industry, working families struggle to find suitable, affordable housing

Green Bay Press Gazette

Noted: Another ongoing project is a University of Wisconsin- Madison program, UniverCity, comprised of around 150 students in three classes studying real estate. The students were tasked with studying properties in Egg Harbor and coming up with project ideas, but the scope has since expanded into the other northern areas and Sturgeon Bay, with a focus on affordable housing.

‘The Life She Wished to Live’ Review: The Bard of Cross Creek

Wall Street Journal

Rawlings worked hard to improve her writing, with the guidance and advice of three men. At the University of Wisconsin, she studied with William Ellery Leonard, who ordered her to write a story without adjectives and adverbs. When she said it couldn’t be done, he shouted: “And I say it can! I guess I ought to know more about adjectives and adverbs than a chit of a schoolgirl!”

Most walk-friendly cities in America


Madison isn’t just a city with great walkable neighborhoods like Downtown (home of the Dane County Farmers Market, one of the biggest in the country), Greenbush, and State-Langdon; it also ranks as one of the top 10 cities in the U.S. to live in overall. It’s not a huge city, but it’s teeming with people walking everywhere thanks to the University of Wisconsin, ample supply of tech campuses, and affordable housing.

Michael Smith, a Voice for Justice Reform, Is Dead at 78

The New York Times

After leaving Vera, Mr. Smith taught at the University of Wisconsin Law School in Madison until 2009. In addition to his wife, whom he met when she was a law professor there, he is survived by his son, Graham; his daughter, Charlotte Smith; a stepson, Kinkaid Kruse-Frink; a stepdaughter, Evelyn Rose Livermore; and a sister, Catherine Sheridan Smith.

Exclusive: Chris Evans Was Captain America. Now He Wants to Help Gen Z Reshape US Politics


Talia Joseph, 19, is looking forward to flexing that sort of newfound political muscle. As an incoming freshman this fall at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, she is not only a youth voter but a swing-state voter as well. “People my age realize how much of an impact our vote had in 2020,” she says. “I like Joe Biden, but he’s not perfect. If he makes any policies we don’t approve of, we know we can pressure him.” Joseph, who’s one year older than Thunberg, is active in fundraising and organizing aimed at turning up the heat on the administration in combating climate change.

The biggest one-hit wonders from the ’90s


“Jump Around,” House of Pain (1992)It’s been nearly three decades, yet “Jump Around” still has its place in pop culture. And, especially during football games at the University of Wisconsin. This kind of Celtic-tinged, hip-hop party anthem reached as high as No. 3 on the Hot 100, and proved to be the biggest single in the history of a group that probably deserved more sustained success than it achieved. In the United States, House of Pain never had another single sit better than 65 on the charts.

EY Announces Dr. Susan L. Levinson of BioAegis Therapeutics Inc. as an Entrepreneur Of The Year(R) 2021 New Jersey Award Finalist


Dr. Levinson has founded two New Jersey biotech companies in partnership with scientific and business founders and is passionately committed to developing unique products to meet patient needs. The second company, Azure Biotech, is focused on unmet medical needs in women’s health. She is a strong advocate of women in STEM and the biotech ecosystem in NJ. Dr. Levinson was recently elected to the Board of BioNJ, the NJ biotech trade association. She has over 30 years of life sciences pharmaceutical experience spanning the entire value chain, from the lab bench to marketing. Dr. Levinson has a B.S in Biochemistry from University of Wisconsin and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Who is Sister Cindy? Evangelist Christian Preacher Turned TikTok Star


But at what point are her preaching methods, and consequential fame, no longer so-wrong-it’s-right, and just wrong? “She said ’You need to cover up young lady, you’re an accessory to the rape crime on campus’, and then at that point, my jaw just dropped. I think that’s when I was like, ’people like this actually exist, because you see on social media people victim blaming for assault but I didn’t know that people actually said those kinds of comments,” said Jenna Gosz, who stumbled across Cindy preaching at University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2019 and, although it’s off little importance, says her clothing was far from revealing anyway. In another of Gosz’s videos, Cindy tells a man he needs to repent after asking if he’s a “homo.”

Why Is TikTok Turning a Hateful Radical Evangelist into a Viral Star?

The Daily Beast

But Sister Cindy’s zealotry comes at the expense of students. Many of her sermons paint women as harbingers of their own doom and deserving of sexual and gender-based violence. “You are an accessory to the crime,” she told one student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, referring to rape. “You are causing people—boys—to get their passions stirred up.”

The Washington Post recognized with Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in the radio division for “Canary: The Washington Post Investigates”

The Washington Post

. Earlier this year, Brittain, Flores and Sand were named finalists for two national journalism awards honoring ethical decision-making: the Ancil Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism and the Anthony Shadid Award for Journalism Ethics, issued by the University of Oregon and the University of Wisconsin, respectively. And late last year, Apple Podcasts named “Canary” one of its top 12 podcasts of 2020.

Lab leaks happen, and not just in China. We need to take them seriously.

The Washington Post

I think this view is overly rosy. If we scientists are not forced to confront the issues of laboratory safety and risky research in a serious and sustained manner, history suggests that we will not do so. In 2012, controversy erupted when it transpired that two sets of researchers — at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands — were altering highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses to enhance their transmissibility among mammals (to understand their potential to cause a pandemic). The subsequent debate led to a three-year moratorium on the funding of experiments designed to enhance the transmissibility or disease-causing capabilities of influenza viruses or coronaviruses.

3 Black women from Jacksonville debut acclaimed books, become friends

Florida Times-Union

Noted: Moniz’ collection of short stories, “Milk Blood Heat,” was called an “electrifying debut” by a Washington Post reviewer who wrote it is “exhilarating and shocking and even healing.” She won the Alice Hoffman Prize for Fiction, among other awards, and is leaving Jacksonville soon to teach creative writing at her alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Madison.