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Outdoor UW summer rentals now available


If you’re looking to spend more time outside this summer, but don’t have a closet full of gear, you’re in luck. Outdoor UW has begun its 2022 season for paddling rentals and summer group experiences.

Wisconsin’s 35 Most Influential Asian American Leaders 2022, Part 1

Madison 365

Noted: Dr. Soyeon Shim assumed her current position as the Dean of the School of Human Ecology (SoHE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012. She has led SoHE’s All Ways Forward campaign and exceeded its campaign goal by 150% by raising $72 million, including 13 endowed chairs and professorships, a deanship, and 10 new graduate fellowship endowments. Dr. Shim’s scholarly research focuses on consumer decision-making and has won competitive grants totaling more than $1.5 million from federal agencies and private foundations. Dr. Shim has received numerous teaching, research, development, and leadership awards, both at the university and state/national level.

UW-Madison interim chancellor offers support to students after recent attacks near campus


UW-Madison continues to offer support for its students after four suspects were taken into custody for recent attacks on UW students and others.

UW Interim Chancellor John Karl Scholz said in an announcement that UW–Madison and the UW Police Department continue to work with the Madison Police Department to support the victims and understand what occurred during the recent attacks. Following these incidents, UWPD and Madison Police are increasing their presence in the downtown area.

Open letter to UW-Madison leaders calls for action following attack on international student near campus

Wisconsin Public Radio

After the Madison Police Department concluded a recent attack on an international doctoral student was not racially motivated, an open letter from a group of Asian students, professors and teaching assistants is calling for the University of Wisconsin-Madison urge the department and the Dane County District Attorney’s office to investigate more thoroughly.

Students plan protest against AAPI hate after multiple assaults


On Tuesday, June 14 around 10pm, an Asian man was attacked on University Ave, close to the UW-Madison campus.

The victim is a PhD student at UW-Madison. In posts circulating online on social media, he wrote that he was attacked by five strangers on University Avenue, pulled to the ground, and punched in the face. He was left bleeding from his ear.  Another  person of Asian heritage was attacked Tuesday night, only a few blocks away and by attackers who fit a similar description.

‘I dream of a world that is free of disparity’: New graduates share their visions for the future

Wisconsin Public Radio

The last two school years have been anything but normal. A global pandemic upended schools, taking learning from the classroom into students’ homes. All the while, the country has grappled with deep-rooted racism, climate change, debates over abortion access, gun control and rights for trans students — leading to widespread student activism. Politics infiltrated schools and school boards at a pace not seen in decades, and yet students’ hopes for the future are as strong as ever.

As the school year draws to a close, Wisconsin Public Radio is celebrating graduation season — and the future — by featuring stories from new graduates around the state in their own words.

How to ensure positive research environments (opinion)

Inside Higher Ed

One particularly egregious example of trainee abuse that did create national outcry spanned more than two decades in the engineering department at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. The faculty member in this case was well-known for verbally berating his students and humiliating them in front of their peers. His shouting reverberated down the hall into other labs and faculty offices, but little was done to call out the perpetrator until John Brady, a graduate student in this PI’s lab, tragically ended his own life because of the relentless abuse.

Outdoor UW Open For Summer Rentals


The summer 2022 season has officially begun for Outdoor UW as they are now open for the rental of tandem kayaks, single kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and an eight-person stand-up paddleboard.

Madison approves major housing redevelopment on gateway to Capitol Square

Wisconsin State Journal

The buildings have been student housing for a long time, but the new development will likely attract some students and many young professionals who want to live in the Downtown area but not in the most bustling areas like Capitol Square or State Street, Stopple said. Many students are shifting from neighborhoods to the high-rises going up closer to UW-Madison, he said.