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Category: Campus life

Reports Of Students Cheating Increased Substantially At Some UW Universities During Pivot To Online Learning

Wisconsin Public Radio

Reports of cheating and other forms of academic misconduct increased substantially at six of the University of Wisconsin System’s 13 universities when classes were moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Administrators say increased student stress was a major contributor, and they expect misconduct reports to decrease once more classes are taught in person.

Badgers football team over 85% vaccinated from COVID

Wisconsin State Journal

The University of Wisconsin football team is over 85% vaccinated from COVID-19, according to coach Paul Chryst. Speaking with local reporters Friday at the Big Ten Conference football media days, Chryst said there was an instant surge of vaccination among his players once shots were available, and their total has climbed over 85% over the summer.

Frustrating College Access and Enrollment Barriers: Websites and Application Processes

The Good Men Project

Noted: While some higher education institutions like the University of Wisconsin-Madison and The Johns Hopkins University feature sophisticated and user-friendly websites, and their leaders have instituted efficient, unencumbered application processes, college applicants may encounter inept websites and application processes when applying at many other institutions.

Wisconsin Lawmaker Proposes Lifetime Restraining Orders To Protect Sexual Assault Survivors

Wisconsin Public Radio

Quoted: Ryan Poe-Gavlinski is clinical director of the Victims of Crimes Act Restraining Order Clinic at the University of Wisconsin Law School. She said creating a lifetime protective order would put survivors of assault “in the driver’s seat.”

“If someone has committed sexual assault and that’s been determined, either at the (civil) restraining order level or through a criminal court, there’s no reason that that perpetrator needs to have contact with that victim going forward,” Poe-Gavlinksi said.

UW-Madison ‘deeply sorry’ for scheduling first day of class on Rosh Hashanah

Wisconsin State Journal

“This is an overlap which we should have identified when schedules were being set,” Blank said in the campuswide email. “Our process didn’t work in this instance and for that I’m deeply sorry. The first day of classes is a significant occasion and especially so this year as we return to in-person instruction — after last year, many students want the excitement and sense of belonging that comes with the first day of classes.”

As eating disorders rise on campus, UW students question ‘diet culture’

The Capital Times

Eating disorders like the one Natalie struggles with typically begin between 18 and 21 years of age. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the number of students seeking treatment for eating disorders and other mental health issues. The amount of students requesting care at UW-Madison’s University Health Services (UHS) has increased, and students with pre-existing conditions have also been triggered.

Badgers Football Players Begin Profiting From Name, Image, Likeness Following NCAA Rule Change

Wisconsin Public Radio

Less than a month after the NCAA ruled college athletes can profit from their names, image and likeness some Badgers Football players have begun to reap the benefits.

On July 1, the NCAA adopted a temporary policy to suspend rules that banned college athletes from getting paid for the use of their names, images and likeness. It was a significant shift but a small part of a larger debate over whether students should be paid to compete in college sporting events.

Good start toward a grand promenade on State Street

Wisconsin State Journal

In a welcome change, Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway unveiled plans last week to “likely” remove city buses from the lower half of State Street in Downtown Madison. Doing so would make way for a true pedestrian mall with cafes, public art, live music, trees, kiosks and fun events — without any motorized vehicle traffic. The street is already off-limits to most cars and trucks, but not buses.

UW Alphas organize vigil to celebrate life of Darrell Foster

The Black Voice

Foster, 22, passed away on July 2 from medical complications sustained during surgery. He was remembered by his fellow peers, scholars and fraternity brothers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a person who could easily put others at ease and bring out the best in anyone.

Demand for campus housing spikes at UW-Madison


UW-Madison housing officials say they’re expecting an increase in students living on campus this upcoming school year. Many of them are incoming freshman and right now, the university is working to make room in the dorms.“Students are excited to have that on campus experience,” said Brendon Dybdahl, Director of Marketing & Communications for UW-Madison’s Division of University Housing.

UW-Madison packing in more students per dorm to accommodate largest freshman class


Director of Marketing and Communications for University Housing at UW-Madison, Brendon Dybdahl explained, “The rooms are actually a pretty good size, especially some of those dens that are being used as quads. There’s there’s a lot of square footage there for them. And they wind up being pretty popular because there’s a lot of people in the room, and they just kind of become a hub of activity.”

Wisconsin engineering programs strive for diversity with mixed success

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Major engineering schools in the state, such as UW-Madison and Marquette University, have diversity numbers that reflect the national data. “We do know that we need to increase diversity in engineering, at the undergraduate level, the graduate level, the staff level and the faculty level,” said Ian Robertson, dean of the College of Engineering at UW-Madison.

Q&A: Jazz musician Johannes Wallmann pays tribute to a creature he’s never met

The Capital Times

Johannes Wallmann got the recording of his new jazz album “Elegy For An Undiscovered Species” in just under the wire. The director of jazz studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison brought 14 musicians, including a string section, together in the Hamel Music Center for a week in late February 2020 to record the tracks for the album. Two weeks later, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down everything.

College Players May Make Money Off Their Fame, Powerful N.C.A.A. Panel Recommends

New York Times

Noted: Some athletes have already begun making plans to cash in on their renown. Jordan Bohannon, a men’s basketball player at the University of Iowa, has announced plans for an apparel line that will debut on Thursday, and the University of Wisconsin’s starting quarterback, Graham Mertz, posted a video with a personal logo.

UW-Madison computer science major grows by more than 800% as tech industry flourishes


In 2011, the computer science major at the University of Wisconsin – Madison had about 200 students. Today, it has more than 2,000. It’s now the largest major on campus, and it’s expected to keep growing.“I used to teach a class which I called a big class, which would have 60 or 70 students in it. Now this fall I’m slated to teach a course that will probably have 350 people in it,” said Department Chair Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau.