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April 20, 2021

Campus life


Should All Schools Teach Financial Literacy?

The New York Times

And more teachers now say they feel confident teaching the material. A study released in March by researchers at the University of Wisconsin and Montana State University found significant increases in teacher participation in professional development.

Opinion | What American Workers Really Want Instead of a Union at Amazon


Research has borne this out. In a landmark 1994 survey, Harvard professor Richard Freeman and University of Wisconsin professor Joel Rogers asked more than 2,400 nonmanagement workers whether they would prefer representation by an organization that “management cooperated with in discussing issues, but had no power to make decisions” or by one “that had more power, but management opposed.” Workers preferred cooperation to an adversarial stance by 63 percent to 22 percent, a result that held even among active union members.

UW Experts in the News

Herd immunity in US likely impossible, but vaccines can control COVID

USA Today

More people may yet decide to get vaccinated as it becomes clear how much protection it provides, said Ajay Sethi, a professor of population health studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“I try to be an optimist,” he said. “I don’t want to write off rural areas saying they’re forever going to be the communities refusing vaccination. Over time, that will change.”

UW-Madison Related

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers clawing back Foxconn state tax breaks


In 2018, Foxconn said it planned to invest $100 million in engineering and innovation research at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Since then, the research center and off-campus location have not been established. Foxconn did sponsor a $700,000 research project at Madison, and university officials said in March that talks with Foxconn were ongoing.