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Fans asked to remain in Kohl Center following Badgers game due to police activity outside


Fans were asked to remain inside the Kohl Center following Tuesday night’s Badger men’s basketball game due to police activity outside the center.

UW-Madison issued a statement on Twitter saying towards the end of the game, Madison Police asked UW Athletics officials to keep fans inside as police “dealt with a situation outside.”

UW-Madison releases statement after Adolf Hitler costume seen on State Street


“UW-Madison is aware of an incident Saturday related to City of Madison Halloween celebrations,” university spokesperson John Lucas said. “UW-Madison stands against antisemitism and all forms of bigotry and discrimination. The incident took place off-campus. While we are still in the process of learning more, to the best of our knowledge, the individual involved is not affiliated with UW-Madison.”

UW expert: Student athletes could take legal action after video, photos released without consent


Depending on the investigation, UW Madison School of Computer, Data and Information Sciences expert Dorothea Salo said criminal charges or school disciplinary actions could be filed against whoever shared the photos without the subjects’ consent.

”We do have a state statute about this and it is within the realm of possibility, or at least it seems so to me, that some or all of what happened could be covered under this statute,” Salo said.

UWPD makes arrested in attack after Badgers game


UWPD credited a tip for helping them find the individual and positively identify him, the agency reported Wednesday morning. A police department spokesperson previously said its investigators had exhausted their tools for finding him and were turning to the public for help.

‘Thank goodness we had a video’: Madison man receives $1.1 million settlement in police misconduct lawsuit

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Noted: The outside review was completed by UW-Madison police and found officers had acted legally but missed opportunities that could have led to a better outcome. Officers told the investigator that Clash-Miller had made threats to them, his foster parent and a contractor at the house that day.

Johns Hopkins U. Paused Its Plans for a Campus Police Force. 2 Years Later, Resistance Is Stronger Than Ever.

Chronicle of Higher Ed

Kristen Roman, chief of police at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, said that for colleges, one of the advantages of having a police department is that officers are more familiar with the institution’s particulars.“

As a community member, I myself would rather have somebody in a police role who is invested and understands some of the unique challenges of my community,” said Roman, who serves as director-at-large of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators’ Board of Directors

Madison will require reviews when police use tear gas to control crowds

Wisconsin Public Radio

An independent investigator will need to produce a report the next time Madison police use tear gas to control crowds.

The ordinance approved by the city’s Common Council on a 14-4 vote Tuesday night is a softened version of an outright ban on tear gas, originally proposed by Alder Juliana Bennett.

Bennett, a University of Wisconsin-Madison student, told the council Tuesday she vomited after being tear-gassed by police while protesting in Madison during the summer after the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.