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Author: dderickson2

$2.7 million raised for UW through Day of the Badger

Daily Cardinal

The Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association planned the second annual Day of the Badger efforts, which spanned 1848 minutes, in remembrance of the year UW was founded, on April 6-7. Of the 5,782 gifts, 2,027 were from donors in Wisconsin. The College of Letters and Science was the largest beneficiary, with 1606 gifts totaling over $510,000.

Hidden heroes of University Housing

Daily Cardinal

“I guess every day we’re doing things so that everything else can operate, and that’s true about facilities,” said LaBorde. “That’s true about a lot of housing. When I think of ‘essential,’ I really do think of frontline workers.”

Madison issues warnings for Mifflin Street block parties


The police department plans to notify the University of Wisconsin if anyone is cited for illegal activity on or around April 24 for its Office of the Dean of Students and Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to determine if further action is warranted.

UW leaders seek funding for building improvements


“This building is in dire shape. It is not able to support student needs, it has inadequate heating and cooling. The classrooms are poorly configured, there have been times where water has poured down the walls of the classrooms,” said Blank.

10th UW Fashion Week starts


“Due to the pandemic we’ve had to adjust to mostly a virtual fashion week, but we do have a couple in-person events- so, today we have our photo station,” Spark said.

Provost shuts down task force after recommending retroactive disruption grading options for the fall 2020 semester

Daily Cardinal

“The fact that we implemented [SD/UD grading] in the spring and not in the fall is, I think, unfair to students,” Kons said. “What this university has been promoting throughout the entire pandemic is a failure to understand the needs of students. I think it highlights a disconnect between students and the university.”

UW to offer masters degree in psychoactive drugs

Daily Cardinal

The fully-online Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation program will look to examine the relationships between psychedelic drugs and mental health, including MDMA, also known as ecstasy; psilocybin, the active ingredient in mushrooms; ketamine and more.

Return of the ‘Pail and Shovel’ party: Srivastava and Shiferaw look to lead by absurdity

Daily Cardinal

The UW-Madison Senior Class Officers-elect look forward to fostering an environment where Rathskeller sauce is free flowing, the Humanities building is turned into a skatepark and an escalator is built on Bascom Hill. Rising seniors Pranav Srivastava and Barnabas Shiferaw were elected as President and Vice President, respectively, for the class of 2021-22 Senior Class Office, receiving 782 votes of the 1,888 completed ballots.

Barry Alvarez’s impact at UW


It was 17 years ago that a 43-year-old assistant coach at Notre Dame blew into town. Barry Alvarez turned a dismal football program into a national force.

‘Wiscard Lady’ retires after almost 20 years

Daily Cardinal

Each year, before classes begin, newly admitted students to the University of Wisconsin-Madison are welcomed to campus to receive their very own Wiscard — the “key to campus life” carried by every student. The beloved “Wiscard Lady” Almaz Yimam, cup of black coffee in hand, has long been the first face that greets them.

UW officially announces retirement of Barry Alvarez as athletic director


The College Football Hall of Famer arrived in Madison in 1990 as the team’s new football coach and transformed a struggling program into an annual contender in the Big Ten, winning multiple Rose Bowls. Alvarez retired from coaching after the 2005 season, after serving in the dual roles of football coach and athletic director in 2004 and 2005.

History in its entirety: How whitewashed history education leave much of history, students out

Badger Herald

UW professor Frank Tuerkheimer noticed the lack of diversity in education, specifically around the Holocaust. He decided to leave his career as a federal prosecutor and become a teacher in order to increase Holocaust awareness. Tuerkheimer teaches a course on the post-Holocaust prosecution of those who contributed to the death of Jewish people.

UW to offer disruption grading options for spring 2021 semester

Daily Cardinal

This grading option, similar to the accommodations made in Spring 2020, allows students to choose to replace the grade they receive in any eligible course with one of the following alternative grades: SD (Satisfactory-Disruption) or UD (University Disruption-No Credit). Disruption grading was not offered for the Fall 2020 semester.

Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness supports Black women during pandemic

Badger Herald

University of Wisconsin School of Nursing Associate Professor Pamela McGranahan saw this crisis firsthand through working in the field. “We don’t talk enough about Black moms doing as well either,” McGranahan said in reference to Black women’s experience with pregnancy. “But at one point, Black women had four times more poor outcomes than white women.”