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New book explores the unique opportunities and challenges facing Hmong American media

One day pre-pandemic, Lori Lopez, a UW-Madison associate professor of media and cultural studies, joined a Hmong teleconference call with more than 1,000 listeners.

The call was not a meeting or presentation, but a live call-in radio program where people could share their stories, listen to conversations or get news about their community.

She said it was a radio station — without being a radio station.

“I was like Hmong people are being really entrepreneurial and coming up with all sorts of really cool media solutions to the fact that they’re such a small community and they can’t really have a traditional media structure,” the director of the Asian American Studies Program told Madison365.

Now, seven years later, she released her book titled “Micro Media Industries: Hmong American Media Innovation in the Diaspora” on Aug. 13.