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January 14, 2021

Higher Education/System

University of Wisconsin System to receive more BinaxNOW rapid COVID-19 tests


“The University of Wisconsin System strives to be a national leader in combating COVID-19 and our robust testing strategy is one of our most effective means to do it,” said Tommy Thompson, president, University of Wisconsin System. “We will continue to be aggressive in acquiring and implementing tests at our universities and our partnership with Abbott is key to making this happen.”

Arts & Humanities

Mellon Foundation grants $72 million to humanities projects focused on issues of racial justice

Inside Higher Education

Another $5 million grant, awarded to the University of Wisconsin, Madison, focuses on antiracism literacy in the sciences and medicine. “Over the summer in response to Black Lives Matters protests, my history of science colleagues and I were talking about how we could ramp up the teaching we do on histories of race in the sciences and medicine,” said Elizabeth Hennessy, the project leader and an associate professor of history and environmental sciences at Madison. “A typical education in the sciences doesn’t include a history of your own discipline. It rare that is an emphasis in scientific training, but I think it’s a really important emphasis.”


Some Wisconsin hospitals are offering vaccines to staff who don’t take care of patients

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Quoted: In Florida, for example, a nursing home offered vaccines to members of its board and major donors, the Washington Post reported.

But that doesn’t seem to be the norm, said Ajay Sethi, an infectious disease expert with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He said the top concern should be that no doses go to waste.

“It’s far better to get a shot in somebody’s arm than throw it out. Throwing it out is a complete tragedy,” Sethi said.

“If it’s happening to the point where the original plans are being abandoned, then I think that would be an issue,” Sethi added. “But I don’t think we’re at that stage right now.”

Quoted: “What we’ve heard more and more is that there are organizations that end up with unfilled slots in their immunization schedules who would like to reach out to members that would technically be in that next (rollout) group,” said Dr. Jim Conway, a professor of pediatrics at UW-Madison.


UW Experts in the News

More Contagious Coronavirus Variant Found In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Public Radio

“A more transmissible variant is something to take seriously and may alter the way we think about schools reopening or other thing we are doing in the community,” said Dr. Thomas Friedrich, a professor in the Department of Pathobiological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine.